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       It was January of 2003 when Brian and Mary-Beth acquired the first two English Setters that would become the foundation of Fireside Kennels. These two well-bred setters opened their eyes to the potential of what a good breeding program can accomplish. Over the course of the next few years they would train, compete and observe setters in both hunting and field trialing. Brian and Mary-Beth believe that observation is paramount to evaluating dogs. Watching a dog perform and judging its strengths and weaknesses along with the knowledge of its pedigree and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of its ancestors is the basis for a good breeding program.
    Mary - Beth is a retired veterinarian and Brian has worked bird dogs for more than 20 years. Their combined experience and knowledge of dogs is self evident upon visiting their kennel. Their modern training facility is kept to the highest sanitary standards and the health care Mary - Beth provides is the reason Fireside guaranties every dog they sell to be healthy.

    Mary-Beth and Brian have learned by expirience and close associations with several professional trainers how to bring out the full potential in dogs and finish them to be well mannered gun dogs.

     Their goal is to produce English Setters with all the attributes to be a champion. These are a strong natural desire to hunt
 and point, a great nose to locate game and the intelligence to know where to find game. A physical conformation of athletic ability, strength, great endurance and a high tolerance to heat. The mental capacities to learn quickly, a biddable personality to respond quickly to commands, a strong desire to please and the temperment to easily socialise and make wonderful companions.
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